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Meniflex - Una gamma completa di condotti
Meniflex Canne fumarie dal 1979
Meniflex Consulenza e assistenza tecnica
Meniflex Qualità certificata e garantita

Leader in the production
of chimney flues
and air ducts

We produce components to create every type of air duct and chimney flue: stainless steel inox, copper, aluminum, plastic, varnished, double wall, coaxial, flexible, oval.
Certified and guaranteed quality products with more than 40 years of experience.
Tridimensional cut
Production area of the rigid flue-pipe

Choose the most suited line according to your need

Over 20 production-lines in aluminum, stainless steel inox, copper, plastic, varnished, double wall, coaxial, flexible, oval to satisfy every need and a complete line of accessories for various types of use.

Download the complete catalogue

Featuring all the lines of production with over 400 components represented in detail with a description and technical reproductions.

Languages: Italian and English

Download the brochure with the characteristics of every item.
Languages: Italian and English

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Meniflex Srl - Via Apollo XI, 25/27
37059 Santa Maria di Zevio (VR) - ITALIA
Tel. (+39) 045.6050132 - 045.6067717 - 045.6050195
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