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Aluminum Shelter

Starting in 2017, together with the precious collaboration with Professor Maurizio Boselli of the University of Verona (Italy), Meniflex elaborated ALUMINUM SHELTER, a shelter in aluminum for the protection of vines, being more efficient than any other shelter known on the market.

Due to the reflecting properties of the material, the product maintains contained temperature values inside, thus limiting the difference with the environmental temperature.

In efficiently containing an adequate level of humidity throughout the year, the need of irrigation diminishes considerably.

shelter alluminio

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From May 2017 to August 2018

SHELTER ALLUMINIO all’impianto del vigneto

The Meniflex ALUMINIUM SHELTER with planted vines

La vite al secondo anno d’impianto

The vines after the second year of implantation

Effects of use of the protections Meniflex ALUMINUM SHELTER
on plants and vines

Maurizio Boselli, Chair of Viticulture - University of Verona (Italy)


Historically farmers have tried to modify the microclimate of plants in order to accelerate growth, increase the yield or anticipate ripening. The use of “mini-hothouses” covering plants began in Great Britain in 1979. Graham Tuley was the first person to wrap polyethylene around a traditional protection made of plastic-mesh, thus trying to increase the value of growth of newly planted trees.
The success of this technique led to an enormous diffusion of Shelter protections for trees of different species. Many techniques within the category of “protected cultivations” can be used to increase the temperature of the soil’s air, increase the humidity surrounding the plant, diminish the pressure of insects and diseases and / or reduce the hydric stress like individual protections for plants denominated “growing tubes” or Shelters.
The purpose of the present work is to verify the influence caused by the use of the ALUMINIUM SHELTERS on the microclimate of vine shoots, on their degree of growth and how the new material of which a Shelter is manufactured can adapt to the numerous operations of cultivation which are undertaken in the vineyard.

  • May 2017

     May 2017 

  • August 2017

     August 2017 

  • October 2017

     October 2017 

  • May 2018

     May 2018 

  • August 2018

     August 2018 

    • Shelter of biodegradable carton
    • Shelter in plastic
    • Control without a Shelter

    The ALUMINIUM SHELTER has determined:

    • Improvement of the thermic microclimate near the vine shoot
    • Increase of vegetative growth and size of the leafage
    • Protection against clashes from undervine weeders
    • Protection of the young plants during herbicide treatments
    • Ideal in re-establishment of the failed plantations
    • Totally re-usable and recyclable material having value as scrap
    • Long duration in time
    • Newly planted vine shoots of the variety Corvina vine
    • Vineyard located in Fumane - Valpolicella (VR) Italy
    • Temperature, proportional humidity and entity of the measured rainfall by means of a small weather-hut installed in the vineyard
    • Temperature and proportional humidity measured inside the Shelter by means of an on-site sensor
    • Measurement of the extension of the shoots and the total size of leafage per plant
    • Degree of resistance of the ALUMINIUM SHELTER against the feelers of machines used near the lower parts of the vines
    • Degree of protection exercised by the ALUMINIUM SHELTER in regard to the treatment of chemical herbicides adapted in the lower parts of the vines

    By limiting the difference with the outside temperature due to the reflective power of the material, the ALUMINIUM SHELTERS maintain values of temperature inside which are not excessive. They efficiently maintain a good degree of humidity throughout the year, thus diminishing the necessity of having to irrigate the growing plant. The behavior of the ALUMINIUM SHELTER has been more efficient than the plastic protection, which furthermore involves the problems related to the excessive use caused by plastic products.

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