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Meniflex. Consultancy and technical assistance.

The technical department of Meniflex can elaborate various types of dimensional calculation including technical consultancy.


In order to make Your project easier and faster, MENIFLEX has elaborated software for the dimensional calculation of the chimney, which is can be downloaded free of cost and is at the disposal of all its clients, installers, technicians and designers. The software which is an auxiliary instrument for projecting chimneys and flue systems provides a useful method of comparison of systems with MENIFLEX.

Main features
The software offers the user an appropriate calculation method following the initial choices, and in accordance with the relevant rules and procedures.
An interactive graphic-based approach is available while the working window shows a graph of an actual system. The user has the possibility to chose all the relevant system items like, for instance, heat generators and chimney liners and can define the related known properties as input data for the calculation.
After the calculation has ended the user can check the overall results shown in a specific menu or verify every item detail while selecting the item itself from the menu.

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